Size Does Not Matter

February 1st, 2024

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The National Association of Boards of Pharmacy has released the 2023 NAPLEX pass rates. The First Time Pass Rate is below 80% for the second year in a row. Should the profession be concerned?

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Size Does Not Matter

TL;DR - Smaller hospitals might be the best hospitals to work at.

You may have read the December newsletter about increasing demands for hospital pharmacists. This month, Pharmacist Compensation analyzed participant data hoping to provide deeper insights on the world of hospital pharmacy.

A scoring system was created to attempt to give readers another way to evaluate hospital pharmacy. The system consists of three major sections: Compensation, Work-Life Balance, and Job Satisfaction.


Work-Life Balance

Job Satisfaction

Total Wages

PTO & Holidays

Professional Growth

Raise Percentage

Hours Worked/Week

Job Satisfaction Score

Hospitals were categorized based on their size (number of beds).

Pharmacist Compensation collected data from 948 hospital pharmacists in 2023.

The algorithm was simple: highest score wins. A range of point(s) were awarded based on which group (hospital size) had the most/least favorable result. Let’s dive in.

The highest median wages were reported by participants from a 0-50 bed hospital. However, the highest raise percentage reported was on the other end of the scale, a 401-500 bed hospital.

Only participants who reported a raise were factored into the average.

The most PTO days were reported by those in the group of 500+ hospital beds.

However, participants at the larger hospitals also reported the most hours worked, including unpaid hours.

Which brings us to our final main category - Job Satisfaction.

Let the drama unfold. After scoring the three main sections, we had a tie! The tiebreaker was determined by which group had the lowest percent of participants indicate they are looking for a new job.

After the tiebreaker took place, the final results are as follows:


Hospital Size (Beds)

1st Place

0-50 Beds

2nd Place

401-500 Beds

3rd Place

51-100 Beds

4th Place

101-200 Beds

5th Place

201-300 Beds (tied), 301-100 Beds (tied), 500+ Beds (tied)

Job seekers - don’t rule out those smaller hospitals.

Pharmacist Compensation provided the data displayed in the above charts. Join thousands of pharmacists and take the anonymous survey. All participants receive access to an interactive dashboard that can be filtered by Job Title, Company, Area of Pharmacy, and more.

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